Avacado, date and cranberry salad

One of my passions (obsessions maybe?) in life is to make use of all the ingredients in the fridge (or pantry). I never let my vegies go to waste as they are so incredibly precious. This recipe is an example of deliciousness being achieve with very little. Please try it and Id love to know what you think.

Serves 4

1/4 purple cabbage finely sliced
Spinach leaves (or whatever green leaf is sitting in your vegie draw
Handful each of dried dates chopped, and dried cranberries
Roasted almonds

Good glug of olive oil
good glug of vinegar – whatever type is in your pantry
teaspoon of mustard
teaspoon of poppy seeds
really good teaspoon of honey
salt and pepper

Toss your salad ingredients in a pretty bowl. Put your salad ingredients in a jar and shake until well emulsified. Take the bowl of salad to the table and let it take centre stage on the table. Let each person dress. Go heavy on the dressing as this is what makes the salad.

I would eat this as a main meal – but a very large bowl of it! It would also be well served with any sort of protein, plain oven grilled fish, chicken etc.

avacado date salad
Photo credit: Ditte Ingemann


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