Hello, my name is Dianne, and I am the blogger behind The Sassy Cook. I’m a super dedicated cook and spend much of my time in my beautiful big white kitchen cooking and experimenting.

The Sassy Cook blog is all about being sassy and confident in the kitchen. It’s about finding a way to make magic out of all those vegetables sitting in your vegie draw in the fridge, it’s about looking in your pantry and seeing not much more than flour, shredded coconut and some peanut butter and turning that into gob smacking dessert. It’s about eating well without feeling the need to jump on all these “super food” and fad band wagons. Its about making magic out of honest, everyday ingredients.

I was about 12 when I read my first cooking magazine “Cuisine” which belonged to my mother.  That started my steady obsession with cooking and understanding how food works.    I have attended countless cooking schools, worked in kitchens and have been on Ready Steady Cook (twice!).

The Sassy Cook is a culmination of all the things I love and is a haven of quick smart recipes, that celebrate good whole foods. All of my recipes have been streamlined to remove unnecessary steps to make your time in the kitchen fun and stress free. You will find loads of delicious comfort food and desserts to satisfy the inevitable sweet tooth in all of us!. I also have a section completely dedicated to low or no sugar items that is growing daily.

My thoughts on food? It is there to be enjoyed and celebrated; not feared, nor denied. Anything whole is the best. Skim or low fat products are gross and finally, if your are sitting down to a sinfully chocolate fudge cake today, tomorrow eat carrots!


Enjoy yourself, your cooking and thank you for visiting The Sassy Cook.

If you would like to contact me for questions on food or recipes or “how to’s” please drop me an email at dianne@thesassycook.com