Bare Bars – all “clean” snack bars

Have the confidence to flaunt what you’ve got and bare all this summer with the new Slim Secrets Bare Bars.
Set to prove they aren’t a one trick pony, get ready to start ticking everything off on your healthy eating check-list – all natural ingredients, no additives, no artificial flavours AND best of all touted as the cleanest protein bars made right here in Australia!

Think that protein bars are only for post-workout? Think again. A Bare Bar has more than a third of your daily-recommended fibre intake and are low carb, making them a much better choice than a cookie or packet of chips from the office vending machine.

With more than 12 grams of whey protein the gluten-free Bare Bar is full of all the amino acids your body needs and helps with the slow release of glucose allowing your body more time to burn fat.
Bare Bars are also a serious sugar-craving solution as they are naturally sweetened with stevia and available in two flavours; decadent double choc or the perfect pairing of berries and cream.

Sharon Thurin, founder of Slim Secrets was inspired to create the new products for those wanting to ‘eat clean’ but were time poor and didn’t know where to start.

“After noticing the trend of people making their own clean protein bars, it became clear there really wasn’t any Australian made protein bars with all natural ingredients available on the shelves.
“Bare Bars are the perfect on-the-go snacking companion for those wanting to find healthy ways to have it all.”

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