Beetroot, fetta and nut dip

This dip is so lush and full of wonderful healthy ingredients – almost therapeutic. I’ve suggested only a half a clove of garlic as raw garlic is super strong and I personally don’t like it to overtake the other flavours. However, please feel free to adjust as you like.

4 medium sized beetroots
Between half and one garlic clove
2 teaspoons olive oil
200g Californian walnuts or any nuts that you fancy.
200g nice quality feta
little tsp of balsamic vinegar
small bunch coriander
Salt and pepper


1. Peel and roast your beetroot (or roast unpeeled and peel when cool) in a 180 deg oven. Cook for about an hour.
2. When the beetroot is cool add to your processor along with the fetta, nuts, oil and walnuts, and salt and pepper. You may need to loosen the mixture with a little water.
3. Blend to your desired consistency.

Of course you can serve with lovely seasonal vegetables and crackers. But I used it as a condiment for EVERYTHING. I love this dip made into a meal by dolloping on a bed of cauliflower “rice” (cauliflower chopped until fine in a food processor then stir fried in a little oil, salt and pepper) then top it with a fried egg or some asparagus or both!.