How to take a 10 minute time out

What is a ten-minute time out?  My sons would tell you that ten minutes is time on the stairs, because they were fighting. That could actually result in ten minutes of quiet in my house, but we aren’t here to talk about that…

If you ask me, I would say stepping away from work, the kids, the spouse, the house – anything where you can separate yourself from your world for ten minutes. A lot can happen in that time to give you some clarity. 

Depending on what you do and where you are, the possibilities are limitless:

1. Meditate.

2. Walk.

3. Grab a green tea.

4. Connect with a friend on the phone – not texting. 

5. Work your entire abdomen without doing crunches. 

6. Create a mini cardio routine on some back stairs at work. 

7. Stretch. 

8. Take “cat nap.” (Set the timer on your phone though).

9. Grab a piece of paper and journal.

10. Have a protein rich snack.


If your time out will involve something active, try this:

1. Standing push-ups at your desk in an upright plank and tricep dips using a sturdy chair.

2. Lunges holding onto your desk.

3. Squats while holding hands in prayer position.

4. Leg lifts holding onto your desk for balance, or if your floor is clean, some roll ups. (Start seated on floor, legs bent, and slowly roll all the way down to the floor until your arms are above your head. Slowly roll up again with arms in the air if you can).

Repeat all of these exercises ten times and then work up to three sets of ten. 

Good luck and take ten!


Courtney Berlin

Courtney Berlin

 About the Author:

Courtney Berlin was active in sports from a young age with an emphasis on nutrition for performance. Wellness has always been a part of Courtney’s life. Even at age 13, she enjoyed sharing her cooking with others and making a connection between the health benefits and enjoyment which can be gleaned from foods.  

Now as a mother and professional, Courtney continues to nurture this passion by expanding her healthy lifestyle knowledge. She currently holds a certificate in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition from E-Cornell University and is a Certified Health Coach.