Mini Supoon

Have you ever just stopped and thought how good it would be to have the perfect device that would scrape every last little bit of your spread out of the jar? Well I have found it!. The Mini Supoon is a spoon that scoops, measures a perfect teaspoon, scrapes a jar clean and sits up off your bench.

Mini Supoon has a silicon head which allows it flexibility for scraping which is perfect for the corners and lips of jars. The real genius in this pint sized spoon is the narrow width of the head that was designed specifically to fit into one of the narrowest jars in your cupboard, a caper jar.


It’s heat resistant to 260°C so fantastic to use for stirring in additional ingredients to hot liquids. For example you can easily measure a perfect teaspoon of peppermint essence or food colouring and stir it into your melted chocolate all with your Mini Supoon.

Once you have scraped out the last of your bowl or jar simply put Mini Supoon down and it sits up! You don’t have to worry about putting mess anywhere or germs getting onto your spoon and into your food.

It’s available in 8 colours: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.
Costs $9.95 and available for purchase at
4 points/features

Verdict? Well it would event make it to The Sassy Cook if we didn’t Loooove it xx