Perfection from leftovers…

“What’s for dinner mum” is a sentence that I receive a lot!  I don’t mind hearing this when I’m well prepared with a masterpiece, but there are many days when this is not the case.  Such as today!.  In my kitchen I have little of significance and my first reaction is to jump in the car and go shopping BUT, I play this out a bit different tonight and see if I can’t make something tasty with the mish mash of stuff that I have lying around.  After foraging I find:

half a BBQ chicken


1 bunch of coriander

1 bunch of spinach

pistachio nuts

parmesan cheese


an abundance of many different types of oils

and piece de résistance?  a packet of rice paper noodles – the ones used to make Vietnamese spring paper rolls.

So, it’s going to be rice paper rolls.  The noodles had been in my cupboard for probably years, but they are still within the used by date (Phew!).  Its definitely wasn’t Vietnamese, because I fashioned a sort of pesto out of the pistachios, oil, coriander and parmesan as a condiment.

All in all the dish was absolutely delicious!  And I loved that I made something out of left over bits and pieces.  Feeling very chuffed!.

Next time you feel inclined to say that you have nothing in the kitchen, have a good look around and let the mind flow…….

To make the rolls, simply chop up and grate the veg, and shred the chicken.  For my pesto I blended about a cup of pistachios, about 1/2 cup parmesan, 1 bunch of coriander and oil to moisten, then blend to a fine paste.

PS – I didn’t have any of those vermicelli noodles that ordinarily go into these rolls, so my version is low carb!!! 🙂