How to plan the perfect dinner party

perfect dinner party

Holding your birthday party or other celebration at a restaurant instead of at your home has many benefits. First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about cooking the food yourself. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party is completed and all of your guests have gone home. While at first glance a party at a restaurant sounds expensive, when you factor in what you’d spend on groceries and decorations were you to hold the party at your home, a restaurant tends to actually be the cheaper option.

If you’re planning a big gathering at a restaurant such as Restaurant italien à Montréal, here are some things to keep in mind while you’re planning your big celebration.

Know That Restaurants Prefer That Large Reservations Be Made In Advance

While most restaurants can accommodate small groups that make their reservation on the same day as their party, they generally prefer that large groups book their parties a decent amount of time in advance. Many restaurants have private rooms that they use to host large groups and these rooms are usually booked long before the actual event. Not only is it courteous to the restaurant to book ahead of time, but it guarantees that they will be able to accommodate you.

Talk To The Manager About What Exactly You Want The Atmosphere To Be


Just because you’re having your party at a restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t have decorations and set the table exactly how you want it. Most restaurants are happy to work with groups in order to decorate and set up the table exactly as the group wants it. The manager will be able to work with you to discuss just what the atmosphere of your event should be like.

Be Sure To Discuss The Menu


For large parties, restaurants will oftentimes create a specific, smaller menu just for your group. Talk with the manager ahead of time to determine the best way to handle the menu for the evening. While it’s typically an option for your party guests to just order from the regular menu, this can often take longer than if the menu is pre-planned. Also, many restaurants will feature economical packages where parties can save money on entrees, drinks and desserts.

Discuss Prices

If your group will be ordering off of the regular menu, there isn’t much to talk about. However, if you are doing a specialized menu, many restaurants are willing to cut a deal. Talk to the manager about the most economical options for your party. Also, be sure to know whether or not gratuity will be included. While many restaurants automatically add gratuity to the bill for large parties, some do not. Be sure to know ahead of time so that you don’t accidentally leave your hardworking server without a tip for his or her work.

Enjoy Your Special Event


Once all of the planning is done, the final step is just to enjoy your special event with all of your friends and family members. One of the best parts of holding an event at a restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about the food or the cleanup afterwards. Once you’ve finished planning and discussing everything with the manager of the restaurant, all that’s left for you to do is to wait for the day of your party to come and then to enjoy all of the festivities.

Planning your next big party at a restaurant is a lot easier than hosting it at home. If you follow all of these tips and work closely with the restaurant manager, your party is sure to be a smash hit that your friends and family will remember for years to come. Just don’t forget to send all of your invitations in advance so that your guests can clear their schedules for your big event.