Pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin caramel

So, do you like pumpkin?  

A couple of weekends ago my my family from Canberra, spent the weekend with us.   I absolutely love pumpkin, so it was squeals of delight when I see that they have some huge home grown pumpkins in tow.    The usual pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones made an appearance, and they were good too, (thanks Jennifer, waking up to a fresh batch of pumpkin scones for breaky makes you my favourite sister in law by far!).    But it was the pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin caramel that I’m going to rate as my favourite in our pumpkin “test kitchen” weekend. 

Light, fluffy, a hint of earthy sweetness, drizzled (or drowned) in buttery pumpkin caramel – delicious (oh, and does the addition of pumpkin make them healthy?).    The pumpkin caramel was all experimental.  I had a bunch of puree left over which was screaming to be transformed into something gorgeous.  So I threw in some dark brown sugar and a little butter, cooked this for a while until it reduced to caramelly goodness.  Perfect!

My super fussy kids loved it so for me – this recipe is a winner. 

Pumpkin Pancakes


1 3/4 cup milk
2 eggs
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 cups self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 teaspoon each of cinnamon and Chinese 5 spice
1 tablespoon sugar


Whisk milk, eggs, pumpkin puree and vanilla together in a jug. Sift flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Stir in sugar, and spices. Make a well in the centre. Add milk mixture. Stir until just combined.
Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Spray with cooking oil. Using 1/4 cup mixture per pancake, cook 2 pancakes for 2 minutes or until bubbles appear on surface. Turn and cook for a further 1-2 minutes or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate. Cover loosely with foil to keep warm. Repeat with remaining mixture, spraying pan with cooking oil between batches.

Pumpkin caramel


1.5 cups pumpkin puree

1/2 to 1 cup dark brown sugar, depending on taste

1/2 cup butter 

pinch salt


Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat until sugar and butter is melted and mixture thickens.  

Serve pancakes topped with pumpkin caramel 



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