Review on Fountain sugar free sauces

I’m so very happy to report that you can now purchase your favourite pantry sauces with No Added Sugar.  Fountain have come to our rescue, listened to what the consumer wants, and delivered a range of all our favourite sauces that are free from sugar and gluten, plus they’re vegetarian and vegan friendly. The entire range contains no artificial colours and flavours, making them literally a good choice for you and your family. All the sauces are sweetened with Natvia, excluding the soy sauce as it has no sweetener, but is also 50% reduced sodium.

The five flavours in the GOOD CHOICE range are:

Tomato Sauce and BBQ Sauce in a 500ml squeeze bottle. 
Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli and Soy Sauce in a 250ml glass bottle.

I have received the full range to review thanks to Product Talk by Nuffnang and Fountain  and you will be very  happy to know that the flavour is still amazing.   

Tomato sauce is my absolute favourite and I always have a bottle in my pantry.  I’m very excited to say that the Fountain GOOD CHOICE Tomato 500mL Squeeze still has the full bodied flavour that you would expect from a tomato sauce.  Even with the lower salt content the flavour integrity is still there.  This is my favourite.

The Fountain GOOD CHOICE 50% Salt reduced soy 250mL has a strong savoury note that you expect in a good soy sauce, the 50% lower salt content doesn’t dramatically effect the flavour and I will be converting to this brand going forward.

The Fountain GOOD CHOICE BBQ 500mL Squeeze delivers.  BBQ sauce is a favourite for my husband and kids.  The traditional varieties are so loaded with sugar is scary.  This version is slightly spicy in flavour, doesn’t have any artificial aftertaste and completely void of the usual chemical mess found in bottles sauces.   A big tick for me.

The Fountain GOOD CHOICE Hot Chilli 250mL and Fountain GOOD CHOICE Sweet Chilli 250mL are both fantastic with full bodied flavour.  Personally, I feel that the traditional Sweet Chilli sauces are way to sweet so these are an excellent and much healthier option.  In my baked chicken meatball recipe, I replaced the tomato paste for a combination of the hot chilli and tomato sauce with an excellent result.  I highly recommend this variation.


For those on a sugar free diet but miss your sauce, these might be for you.  The sauces are available from Woolworths for $3.49 per bottle.


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