Spectacular cheats birthday cake


This is the ultimate cheats birthday cake.  Look how luscious it looks!  This is the cake to make when you want something home made but don’t have the time to start from scratch!.  I used bought sponge layers, but made the fillings and topping the star and lets be honest, how many kids just eat the icing and leave the cake behind.   The fillings and topping require little more than whipping, melting, mashing and spreading. Give this one a go for your next birthday cake.

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Birthday cake for busy mums
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  1. 2 pre made sponge layers
  2. Filling 1
  3. 1/2 cup lemon butter
  4. 1 cup whipped cream
  5. Filling 2
  6. 1 cup raspberries - frozen or fresh but if frozen bring to room temp. Mash the raspberries to a pulp with a fork.
  7. Chocolate lava
  8. 1 x 290g block Cadburys Marvellous creations block of chocolate
  9. 1/2 cup single cream
  10. 1/2 cup finely crushed pretzels
  11. Break up the chocolate into pieces and add to a pan with the cream. Melt over very low heat until luscious and smooth. Add crushed pretzels.
  12. Topping
  13. Any of your favourite chocolate bars.
  14. About 100g white choc, melted, then add a tiny bit of your favourite colouring.
  1. Bringing it together.
  2. Evenly slice both sponge layers in half horizontally so you have 4 even discs of sponge. Place 1 disc on a serving plate. Top with lemon butter, then whipped cream.
  3. Place next disc of sponge on top.
  4. Top haphazardly with 1/2 of the melted chocolate mixture.
  5. Add your next layer of sponge, top that with the crushed raspberries, then whipped cream.
  6. Add the final disc of sponge and top that wildly with the remaining chocolate mixture. Allow the chocolate to drizzle spectacularly over the top and down the sides.
  7. Break up your favourite chocolate bars and wedge into the top, then drizzle your coloured chocolate over.
  8. Consume!
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