The best pie I’ve ever eaten

I recently had the immense pleasure of enjoying one of life’s most simple pleasures, the humble pie, compliments of Pie Society.

Pie’s are something I rarely indulge in, but when I do, I want it to blow me away. Which the chicken Pie from Pie Society did, it was truly breathtaking. The pastry short, luscious, buttery with a lovely glossy golden crispy top. The chicken tender, in large chunks – all succulent breast. It was perfectly seasoned, not over the top salty.

This was served with fluffy mash potatoes and mushy peas. The perfect comfort meal – right there.

But who are the Pie Society? Pie Society produces delicious, hand crafted pies delivered to your door. Pie Society’s signature product range comes delivered in fabulous enamelware pie dishes. You can build a Gift Box with any combination of these pies, or the smaller foil dish pies, side dishes and sweets, which can be ordered online and home delivered. These Gift Boxes are gift wrapped and include a card with your personalised message. This is the ultimate care package gift.

Founder of Pie Society, Emma Bagnall started her company from a desire to provide the community with a little something special in times of celebration or for those in need. (Looking for a gift for new Mums? This is it!).

Emma says “Everyone needs a little looking after sometimes, and in those times, a home delivered meal gives so much more than a bunch of flowers. Pie Society was born from the idea that we want to look after each other, but we don’t always have the time, the proximity or the skills to cook and deliver that meal. This was followed by the revelation that everyone loves pie! It is the perfect comfort food. The surprise of cracking through that crispy handmade pastry to discover the deliciousness inside…”.

Product ranges from family pies to party pies and sausage rolls, sides, snacks and a range of brownies and cookies. Salivate over these pie flavours:

Free range chicken leek and thyme
Mushroom and cheese
Chunky beef and bacon
Smokey pulled pork
Turkey and cranberry

I can 100% vouch for the quality of products from Pie Society.

The Pie Society are giving away one valentines pack to a lucky reader. Simply like our face book page and Pie Society face book page, then comment your name in The Sassy Cook facebook page to enter.

Valentines Giveaway

Valentines Giveaway

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